Minutes North Merritt Island Dependent Special District Board  
6:00 PM  
Call To Order - 6:00 P.M.  
Approval of Minutes - August 11, 2022  
This agenda item was approved.  
Result: APPROVED  
Mover: Gina Lindhorst  
Seconder: Jim Carbonneau  
Public Hearings  
Wayne Frank Crisafulli and Sonja Anette Crisafulli Living Trust (Kim Rezanka) request a change  
of zoning classification from AU to RR-1. (22Z00038) (Tax Account 2316453) (District 2)  
Kim Rezanka, Lacey Lyons Rezanka, 1290 U.S. Highway 1, Rockledge - The applicants are  
requesting a rezoning from AU to RR-1. A survey was submitted with the application showing  
what the property would look like after it is split for their daughter to build her home. [Ms.  
Rezanka submitted a survey of the subject property to the board and to staff. The survey can  
be found in file 22Z00038, located in the Planning & Development Department.] As stated, this  
is a request from AU to RR-1, carving out a 1.15-acre parcel from a 6.83-acre parcel. The  
remainder of the larger parcel will be joined with the parcel to the south, so there will be no  
more nonconforming lots remaining. The reason for the request is to allow their daughter to  
have a piece of property to build a home. The request is consistent with the Future Land Use of  
Residential 1, and it is consistent with the variety of houses and uses in the neighborhood. The  
parcel has residential to the east, residential to the north, residential to the west, and a mix of  
residential and commercial to the south. The acreage of parcels in the area range from the  
Crisafulli’s property of 6.83 acres, to some of the manufactured homes to the north, in Colony  
Park, from .20 to 1/3 of an acre, and going to the east along N. Tropical Trail there are a variety  
of lot sizes and uses, and this is just to allow one more home. To the east of this property is the  
Baptist church and manufactured homes, to the west is the Crisafulli homestead, and to the  
north is manufactured homes as well. We believe this is consistent with the Comprehensive  
Plan, it meets the Land Development Regulations for creating a 1.15-acre parcel. We would  
ask that you approve the rezoning request.  
Mary Hillberg - You’re combining the other properties into one?  
Kim Rezanka - That will have to happen, we are not rezoning anything else, and if that would  
be a condition of the rezoning, or if you need a BDP to that extent, it could be done.  
Mary Hillberg - I just wondered if you’re including that one.  
Kim Rezanka - It has to be done, otherwise the parcel to the south would be landlocked, so it’s  
not being rezoned, only the 1.15 acres is being rezoned. There is RR-1 to the south and  
southwest, and there is a variety of other residential zonings in the area.  
Chris Cook - When was the property split?  
Kim Rezanka - It hasn’t been split yet. That will occur if the zoning is approved.  
Public comment.  
Kim Smith - I’m here representing the North Merritt Island Homeowners Association, PO Box  
542372, Merritt Island. Regarding this request of the Crisafulli’s application, 22Z00038, the  
homeowner’s association had no objections.  
Mary Hillberg - Ok, back to the board. Is there a motion?  
Jim Carbonneau - I make a motion to approve.  
Jack Ratterman - I’ll second.  
Mary Hillberg called for a vote on the motion as stated, and it passed unanimously.  
Result: APPROVED  
Mover: Jim Carbonneau  
Seconder: Jack Ratterman  
Public Comment  
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