Brevard County Board of County Commissioners  
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way  
Viera, FL 32940  
Tuesday, July 5, 2022  
5:00 PM  
Special Meeting  
Commission Chambers  
Commissioner District 1 Rita Pritchett, Commissioner District 3  
John Tobia, Commissioner District 4 Curt Smith, and  
Commissioner District 5 Kristine Zonka  
J. Pursuant to Brevard County Commission Board Policy BCC-97, the Chair of the  
Brevard County Board of County Commissioners has called a Special Meeting at  
5:00 p.m. to discuss the County Attorney Position.  
Commissioner Tobia stated he has three goals; first the County Attorney has some family  
health issues that he thinks the Board can help with; he thinks the Board needs to successfully  
navigate an interim period that is coming up and make plans for a successor; he has broken it  
down into three different parts; and he is going to have some motions which he passed out so  
the Board can follow along. He went on to say Attorney Jorandby has gone above and beyond  
and she continues to do so despite having pressing family medical issues; she selflessly  
planned on providing a 60-day notice; he personally spoke with her and she had indicated if the  
Board agreed not to require said 60-day notice in her contract she would be able to assist her  
family much sooner; and he read the motion.  
Commissioner Smith stated this is all a surprise to him; he asked what the Board has an  
alternative when Attorney Jorandby walks out the door because there is a lot of business  
coming to the table.  
Commissioner Pritchett and Chair Zonka advised they think that is in motion number two.  
Commissioner Smith asked if Christine Schverak, Assistant County Attorney, is going to stay  
for whatever time is necessary.  
Christine Schverak responded affirmatively.  
Commissioner Smith advised then he is good with it.  
The Board accepted Abigail Jorandby’s voluntary resignation, effective upon the conclusion of  
this special meeting of the Board, as authorized by Section 3, paragraph D, of her employment  
contract, hereby relinquishing her from the duties and obligations of the position, discontinuing  
the benefits granted to her of the position, and allowing for payout of her accrued annual and  
sick leave as provided for under Section 6 of her contract.  
Result: APPROVED  
Mover: John Tobia  
Seconder: Rita Pritchett  
Ayes: Pritchett, Tobia, Smith, and Zonka  
E.1. Resolution recognizing Abigail Jorandby  
Commissioner Tobia read aloud and the Board adopted Resolution No. 22-056, thanking  
Abigail Jorandby for her service to Brevard County.  
Result: ADOPTED  
Mover: John Tobia  
Seconder: Curt Smith  
Ayes: Pritchett, Tobia, Smith, and Zonka  
Discussion of the County Attorney Position (Continued)  
Commissioner Tobia stated the Board needs to successfully navigate through this interim  
period; the first person he called was Eden Bentley; he advised he would love to have her back  
but should she come back he would lose all respect for her; she of course immediately wished  
the Board the best but had travel plans; next was Scott Knox but he is too busy trying to bilk  
taxpayers out of millions of dollars so he came off the list; the qualifications this Board is  
looking for is obviously someone with a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree (JD) and a member of  
the Florida Bar in good standing, who is familiar with Brevard County government and the  
pending litigation of Malabar Scrub Jays and the Rinaldi case; and the County is lucky enough  
to have that with Attorney Christine Schverak. He went on to say she was an honorable retiree  
as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army after 22 years; as impressive as that, she  
also has a law degree from the University of Florida, a member in good standing of the Florida  
Bar since 2002, admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States and the U.S. Court of  
Appeals for the Armed Forces; it is pretty good when the back-up has a pedigree this great,  
Brevard County is fortunate to have to her; and he advised he has a motion.  
The Board approved designating Christine Schverak as the Interim County Attorney with the  
authorities, obligations, and compensation granted in the most recent contract for the position,  
until such time as the formal appointing of an individual to the position can be performed.  
Result: APPROVED  
Mover: John Tobia  
Seconder: Rita Pritchett  
Ayes: Pritchett, Tobia, Smith, and Zonka  
Discussion of the County Attorney Position (Continued)  
Commissioner Smith and Chair Zonka expressed their gratitude for Ms. Schverak taking on the  
role as the Interim County Attorney.  
Commissioner Tobia continued on by saying in the past 18 months the Board went through a  
fully advertised and competitive job search and interviewed another highly-capable and  
intelligent candidate, Morris Richardson, who finished in a very close second; his current  
contract is the City Attorney for West Melbourne; it expires August 31, 2022; in his own opinion,  
he feels Mr. Richardson would be the best candidate for a seamless transition, as well as to run  
that office for the long term; and he has a motion due to the Board’s previous vetting and its  
recent determination that he was a highly qualified individual to serve.  
Chair Zonka stated the first thing she did was call Mr. Richardson to see if he would even be  
interested, trying to be respectful of his current position with the City of West Melbourne; he  
said he just needed some time to consider it; she thinks he is trying to be thoughtful of his  
current place of employment; she would be very excited to have Mr. Richardson, he was her  
first choice initially when this came through; and that is not a dig on Attorney Jorandby, it is just  
she knows his work history in this County and his work history with West Melbourne, so she  
thinks he would be an excellent candidate and the County would be lucky to have him, and she  
would be happy to be part of that negotiating team.  
The Board discussed and approved the Board’s previous vetting and recent determination that  
Morris Richardson was highly qualified to serve as County Attorney; approved appointing a  
Negotiation Committee comprised of Jerry Visco, Human Resources Director, Jill Hayes,  
Budget Office Director, and Commission Chair Kristine Zonka, for the Committee to approach  
and offer the position of County Attorney to Mr. Richardson and if agreeable, negotiate with Mr.  
Richardson a contract to serve as County Attorney; and should Mr. Richardson not accept, or  
negotiations not reach an acceptable conclusion, authorized for Mr. Visco to advertise the  
position through whatever necessary means to procure a qualified candidate for the Board’s  
review and consideration.  
Result: APPROVED  
Mover: John Tobia  
Seconder: Curt Smith  
Ayes: Pritchett, Tobia, Smith, and Zonka  
Discussion of the County Attorney Position (Continued)  
Commissioner Tobia stated this is a request of not only Chair Zonka, but the rest of the  
Negotiation Committee team, he hopes that the County would offer him a fair and  
market-driven contract; the County had a great deal with Attorney Jorandby, as she was  
working under market rates, and he thinks that the Board should offer the new candidate a  
market rate, and all the executives, which includes two, the County Attorney and County  
Manager, should be paid at market rates; and he has not discussed this with the County  
Manager, this is more important than with just the current County Manager, he is not going to  
be there forever and when this Board or a future Board make a determination, it will be much  
more palatable to offer somebody a nominal increase; and to put this into perspective to pay  
market rate for the County Attorney and the County Manager combined would be less than  
what the Port is paying the Captain. He added that is not a dig to Commission-elect  
Vanvolkenburgh, and he congratulated him on his election; and he noted he just thinks it would  
be sound to have equitable market pay for both County executives.  
Commissioner Pritchett joked that is why she thinks it would be a good idea to have Frank  
Abbate, County Manager do both jobs.  
Catherine Vecchio stated this is her first time speaking with the Board; she thanked Cathy  
Lively for answering all of her emails and questions; after last night’s fourth of July celebrations  
it pushed her to come forward and talk to the Board; in all of the Commission Districts, there is  
something that happens annually, there is a migratory bird called the Least Tern that visits and  
nests in every single District; currently there is a ground colony set up in Satellite Beach; and  
what she had to endure last night to protect that colony, she really is not looking forward to  
having to do that in the future. She mentioned what she is looking for from the Board is  
guidance and direction on how the community can prepare for next year; she was  
recommended by Mike McCrary to speak to Environmentally Endangered Lands (EELs)  
properties; they have Satellite Beach which is a very forward-thinking community doing some  
due diligence on a piece of property on the shoreline, but she thinks there is a bigger picture  
here; she even spoke with the Tourism Development Council (TDC) beach committee, but her  
interpretation of what the beach committee was and what it really is, is two different things; and  
she thought it was there to help with preservation and restoration of beach, but it is beach  
re-nourishment, but there is also a grant program within that that allows for anything to help  
within the Lagoon and to remove the nitrogen load. She stated she feels like what is needed is  
something to give back to the Indian River Lagoon (IRL), what has been lost through tourism  
and as tourism continues to grow, these little guys continue to come back, and they will  
continue to come back; she brought brochures and pictures that they use to do their outreach;  
they have a very active group of seasoned volunteers that hit the beach every day and on the  
weekends; they were out there on the fourth of July educating people; what they are finding is it  
is a lack of understanding; there are the manatees, the sea turtles, and these little guys, the  
Least Tern, and also the black skimmer; and they set up their nests now on rooftops. She  
advised back in the day the rooftops were gravel, so they found over time, every time a  
technician walked on the roof the membrane was broken, so the roofs leaked, so now they are  
switching to a different rooftop and now the birds do not have anywhere to nest; and she looks  
forward to getting the Board all in one place or some way she could get some direction and  
how to prepare for next year’s migration season that would be helpful.  
Commissioner Smith advised Ms. Vecchio to reach out to each of the Board Members  
individually; and he is sure they would love to hear what she has to say and give her the time  
that is necessary.  
Ms. Vecchio was thankful for that information.  
Commissioner Smith stated he is reading between the lines, but what Ms. Vecchio was  
indicating is that the fourth of July fireworks probably disrupted the birds and the other animals,  
as well as the domesticated ones.  
Ms. Vecchio responded affirmatively. She advised the Board that she is a shore-bird monitor for  
the Florida Shore-bird Alliance and she has been doing it for a few years; she is also the  
current president of the Space Coast Chapter of Master Naturalists; they are doing all they can  
to help protect and educate; last evening’s occurrence and what happened, Satellite Beach  
was very responsive; once the calls were made, FWC was redirecting it’s calls, but residents  
were still going on the beach shooting fireworks off; and it is sea turtle nesting season, and that  
everyone knows. She continued by saying she thinks it is time they get the same protections  
and they do under the migratory species act and they are State protected; last evening she  
tried to talk to the residents and she was laughed at; someone in Satellite Beach said to her if  
she is not going to do it, then who is; she noted she is not going to give up, but everyone is a  
player in this and everyone has to help come up some alternative for them; and nesting season  
will be over at the end of September when they head back to South America and come back in  
March. She commented she calls the rooftop of the Eau Gallie Winn Dixie as the Atlanta  
International Airport because they come in by the thousands, swirl around, and then they  
disperse; she does not know where they go, they do not have the technology of the radar chips  
put in them yet, but they do have banding on some of them, but she is not seeing any in the  
colonies that she has been serving; it is an amazing sight; right now they are starting to prepare  
to stage to return; it is too early and the biologist from this region is concerned because of the  
loss of habitat and interference; and it is what they do naturally, there is nothing she can do.  
She stated she was asked if she attracted them to that site in Satellite Beach; she did not  
attract them, they found it because they knew it was suitable for them; it was the largest colony  
at one point in the State, but now there is another, larger one, so Satellite Beach can’t claim  
that anymore; and she would appreciate the opportunity to talk to the Board Members.  
Dontavious Smith stated while he was vacationing out of the Country and sitting in his  
bungalow, he was really concerned about Brevard County citizens; when he was in Cartagena,  
Columbia he sent an email to all District Commissioners and the Charter Review Committee,  
proposing to end homelessness and the affordable housing issue in Brevard County; with that  
being said he knows Commissioner Tobia got a lot of heck for attending the religious freedom  
group that was wanting a sit down to have a discussion about the affordable housing and  
impoverished issues in Brevard County, but no one had a plan, no one had an approach; but  
he had one, so he will refer to the email that he sent to the Board. He continued on to say on  
May 16, 2022, at 9:25 A.M. Cartagena, Columbia time, and he read, “Good day  
Commissioners, hope all is well. Again, this is Dontavious “da maya” Smith and this morning  
I’m reaching out to those of you on the Brevard County Board of Commissioners and the  
Charter Review Committee to propose a strategic plan to end homelessness and the affordable  
housing crisis we’re in. I’ve been working on this proposal throughout the duration of my  
vacation in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and Cartagena, Columbia. After receiving a plethora of  
phone calls and emails from citizens asking me as a potential County Commissioner for District  
2, what are my ideas and approaches to this serious issue, I felt it was my duty to come up with  
a plan that our underprivileged citizens can prosper from, but most importantly, as a participant  
living below the poverty line in Brevard County since graduating from Florida Agricultural and  
Mechanical University in 2008 and running for Mayor of Cocoa twice, I understand the  
frustration and the disappointments our citizens are showing. Though I don’t have the  
resources, manpower, nor the budget to allocate funds towards a project of this magnitude,  
Brevard County does. I sincerely pray that you understand the possibility that this proposal  
program cannot only have our citizens in Brevard but have citizens in the United States adapt  
to. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.” He noted he has not  
heard from anybody and if it is because he is a Commissioner-candidate, that is cool, but this is  
a proposal to get homeless poverty, impoverished citizens out of poverty.  
Sandra Sullivan stated she hopes everyone had a wonderful fourth of July weekend; she wants  
to talk about the whole attorney thing and watching the May 5, meeting; it concerns her greatly  
at that meeting, Commissioner Zonka asked what is a supermajority when the Board has a  
vacancy; and the attorney’s legal opinion as stated on public record was, “The one provision  
I’m thinking of is the Charter Cap and it says supermajority of the Board. I think a reasonable  
interpretation is to start with the definition of what the Board is, it’s a five-member Board, even  
with a vacancy. At that point it does not change that it is a composition of five members, so  
supermajority would still be four.” She mentioned the conversation went on from there and  
Commissioner Pritchett suggested contacting outside counsel; the County Attorney advised the  
Commissioners that they would have legal immunity from the consequences of their decisions if  
they follow the advice coming from the County Attorney, but taking guidance from outside  
counsel could complicate matters; she finds it interesting, given a few months ago that  
Commissioner Zonka had reminded the attorney while on the dais that she is there at the will of  
the Commission; and she has seen previous occasions in the four years that certain people  
have been given direction to resign or be fired, or whatever, and that is a concern; and she is  
going to express on public record her concern and she will be watching to see what takes place  
with the new attorney that comes on board whether a different legal opinion will be issued. She  
went on to say that a statement was also made that if the Commission does not follow the legal  
counsel that a citizen could take this to the courts and overturn the referendum, because what  
is really being talked about is the charter cap and the intention to put to referendum to raise  
property taxes above the three percent cap and to do away with that cap; she finds it very  
offensive that at least five times she has spoken on public record, that impact fees that pay for  
the share of infrastructure has not been updated in 15 to 20 years; and that is really the crux of  
the matter because what she sees is the lobbyists and developer contributions to the political  
campaigns that ends up responding with elected officials who do not do what is right for the  
people of Brevard and update impact fees and then are in turn going to burden the people with  
the cost of the infrastructure that is needed for all this growth.  
Chair Zonka stated she usually does not respond to some of the nonsense that comes from  
Ms. Sullivan’s remarks but she was as surprised as anyone to hear that Attorney Jorandby was  
leaving; she would never ask anyone to resign because she did not like their opinion or  
whatever; she was the one who suggested that Attorney Jorandby get an Attorney General’s  
opinion on that; it did not have anything to do with the charter cap, it actually had to do more  
with if this Board had initiatives that it wanted to place on the ballot, would it require four votes  
and she could not find anything herself so she had asked for that information; she was actually  
pretty disappointed in not just the manner that the Board found out that Attorney Jorandby was  
leaving by email; and she was even more disappointed that the Board was not even offered the  
courtesy of a phone call, so that to her was a surprise. She reiterated she would never ask  
someone to resign and if she thought they were incompetent or she thought someone should  
leave she would say so publicly; and she advised that is all the commentary she will have about  
Commissioner Pritchett stated she thinks it is offensive when people are running for office  
come to the podium and do all the grand-standing; nobody has any idea what the Board  
members have to do up there to try to interpret all this stuff and get through it; she has a little  
bit of a problem with that; Attorney Jorandby has done a great job and she can tell people it is  
not easy dealing with four personalities, but she has done it very well; and anybody in that  
position is going to have to deal with it and that person will have to figure things out because  
the Board Members all have different ideas and it is that person’s job by the end of it, to come  
back and guide the Board through the things it wants to do. She commented she appreciates  
all of Attorney Jorandby’s work on that, but to kind of leave that open end looking like the Board  
did something is just disgusting; and she just wanted to say that, and now she is done.  
L.4. John Tobia, Commissioner District 3  
Commissioner Tobia expressed his appreciation to Chair Zonka for scheduling the special  
meeting and to staff and Board Members for their attendance.  
L.6. Kristine Zonka, Commissioner District 5, Chair  
Chair Zonka stated she would like to congratulate Commissioner-elect Fritz Vanvolkenburgh  
who was elected to the Port Commission; and she commented the Board hates to see him  
leave but she wishes him well.  
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 286.26,  
Florida Statutes, persons needing special accommodations or an interpreter to  
participate in the proceedings, please notify the County Manager's Office no later  
than 48 hours prior to the meeting at (321) 633-2010.  
Assisted listening system receivers are available for the hearing impaired and  
can be obtained from SCGTV staff at the meeting. We respectfully request that  
Commission is in session. Thank You.  
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In accordance with BCC-97 Section G.1 the agenda shall provide a section for  
public comment limited to thirty (30) minutes following approval of the consent  
agenda during each Regular County Commission Meeting. The purpose of public  
comment is to allow individuals to comment on any topic relating to County  
business which is not on the meeting agenda. Individuals delivering public  
comment shall be restricted to a three-minute time limit on their presentation.  
During this thirty (30) minute segment of public comment, speakers will be heard  
in the order in which they turned in a pink card asking to be heard. Any speaker  
not heard during the first thirty minute segment will be heard during a second  
public comment segment held at the conclusion of business specified on the  
regular Commission agenda. Individuals may not speak under both the first and  
second public comment period. With the exception of emergency items, the  
Board will take no action under the Public Comment section, but can refer the  
matter to another meeting agenda or request a staff report.  
Any invocation that may be offered before the official start of the Commission  
meeting shall be the voluntary offering of a private citizen, to and for the benefit  
of the Commission. The views or beliefs expressed by the invocation speaker  
have not been previously reviewed or approved by the Commission, and the  
Commission is not allowed by law to endorse the religious beliefs or views of  
this, or any other speaker.  
Upon consensus of the Board, the meeting adjourned at 5:31 P.M.