Minutes Board of Adjustment  
1:30 PM  
Call To Order  
Approval of Minutes - April 20, 2022  
Public Hearings  
Michael John Consolazio and Sonya Lynn Consolazio (Randy Lund) request a variance for an  
accessory structure in an RVP zoning classification. (22V00004) (Tax Account 2111976) (District  
Robert J. Woodhouse requests a variance from the required minimum lot size in an AU zoning  
classification, currently in a GU zoning classification. (22V00006) (Tax Account 2441057) Per  
staff, this item should be removed from the agenda. (District 1)  
Nicholas P. Riippa (Holly Tanner) requests a variance for a principal structure in an EU-2 zoning  
classification. (22V00007) (Tax Account 2716864)  
Jessica L. and Derrick Comparato request a variance for fence height in an EU zoning  
classification. (22V00008) (Tax Account 2511327) (District 2)  
Andrew and Iryna Afong request variances to a principal structure and an accessory structure  
in an RU-1-13 zoning classification. (22V00010) (Tax Account 2507778) (District 2)  
Public Comment  
Pursuant to the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure, any person or persons jointly or  
severally aggrieved by any decision of the Board of Adjustment may, within 30 days after the  
date the order is signed, apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for appropriate relief.  
Speakers must provide their names and addresses for the public record.  
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 286.26, Florida Statutes,  
persons needing special accommodations or an interpreter to participate in the proceedings,  
please notify the Planning and Development Department no later than 48 hours prior to the  
meeting at (321) 633­2069.  
Assisted listening system receivers are available for the hearing impaired and can be obtained  
from SCGTV staff at the meeting. We respectfully request that ALL ELECTRONIC ITEMS  
and CELL PHONE REMAIN OFF while the Planning and Zoning Board is in session. Thank  
This meeting will be broadcast live on Space Coast Government Television (SCGTV) on  
Spectrum Cable Channel 499, Comcast (North Brevard) Cable Channel 51, and Comcast  
(South Brevard) Cable Channel 13 and AT&T U­verse Channel 99. SCGTV will also replay  
this meeting during the coming month on its 24­hour video server nights, weekends, and  
The Agenda may be viewed at: http://www.brevardfl.gov/Board Meetings